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ADOX Adostop Eco P - pulver for 1 ltr stoppbad


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STOPBATH is used inbetween developer and fixer. It “kills” the developer and saves the fixer from early exhaustion/sudden death.

STOPBATH is a must when processing fibre paper to avoid stains or streaks.

ADOSTOP ECO is the luxury variant of a stopbath. It does not smell apart from a slight lemonish odour and indicates its exhaustion by changing the color from yellow to green/blue.

The new ADOSTOP ECO has been formulated with a strict focus on avoiding dangerous substances.

The following changes have been applied:


• 100% citric acid as an active ingredient (no acetic acid part)

• Free of Biozide

• Water soluble indicator without solvent

Advantages of the new recipe:

• Almost completely odourless when mixed

• Biodegradable / Non toxic

• No falling out of the indicator




The mixture is not to be diluted any further. Capacity: > 3 sqm/Liter of working solution

Shelve life: >5 years for the concenrate after the production date.

Working solution: Slighly less than the old version with biozide. Recomended: 1-2 weeks.


ADOX er det eldste merket for fotokjemiske produkter i verden, og har levert analog film, fotopapir og fotokjemi siden 1860.

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